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What are the highlights of the GreenShare Capital Service Model?

Zero upfront cost/Preserve Capital

Zero maintenance costs/No Service Calls

Free Up Manpower to focus on Core Competencies  

Increased (improved) Light / heating and cooling quality/Reduced worker liabilities/Reduced Property Insurance 

Equipment is owned by GreenShare Capital 

Shared savings Program with Energy Savings to cover the monthly payment plus additional savings returned to the customer.

What are the benefits?

The GreenShare Capital Service model makes it possible for a customer to replace older, less efficient lighting and HVAC components with new, efficient equipment, with no upfront capital expense.

With a traditional lighting upgrade the customer must purchase new equipment and pay for the installation. The customer is committed to the current technology, with no ability to upgrade to more efficient systems in the near future, and to maintain light levels.  While the ROI can make this attractive, the customer must still commit significant cash to the project, and restrict purchases to a capital budget.


With the GreenShare Capital Service Model, the customer has not upfront cost and no ongoing maintenance costs. A portion of the savings are returned to GreenShare and a portion are kept by the customer. The customer recognizes savings immediately, and maintaining equipment is a thing of the past.

What is the difference between the GreenShare Capital Service Model and a lease?

With a lease program, the customer simply finances all the upfront costs to purchase equipment and have it installed by qualified electricians. With the GreenShare Capital Service Model, the customer does not purchase the equipment. The equipment is owned and maintained by GreenShare. Lighting and HVAC are services that are provided to the customer for a monthly fee that covers all aspects of maintaining your lighting fleet.  Our team of service techs will provide a quarterly/biannual visit to make sure your systems are fully operational.

How are monthly payments calculated?

GreenShare Capital, or one of our installation partners, will perform a site assessment to determine lighting counts, wattages and accurate operational hours. During the assessment we will determine your current energy use and the energy use after upgrades are complete. The difference in energy use determines the total monthly savings that will be realized from an equipment upgrade. Additional maintenance savings are calculated based on the assessment. In most cases, the monthly savings are enough to cover both the GreenShare Capital Service fee and provide significant energy cost reduction to the customer. Our flexible model allows the customer and GreenShare to adjust the monthly fee, the percent of savings retained by the customer, and the contract length to find a plan that works best for each customer.

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