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GreenShare Capital Launches the Greenshare service Model
Aug 1 2020

August 1, 2020

GreenShare Capital has announced the release of the GreenShare Service Model. Going beyond leasing and the standard approaches to finance, GreenShare Capital delivers an all-inclusive, serviced based, approach to upgrading lighting, HVAC, and other energy reducing initiatives. With no up-front costs, no maintenance, instant ROI, and absolutely zero cost of ownership, the GreenShare Capital Service Model allows customers to save money on day one, with no capital expenses required. 

May 01 2022
See the Difference GreenShare Capital can make at your property

May 1, 2022

GreenShare Capital, in partnership with Greentech Solutions Group, recently completed a project at a North Raleigh Shopping Center, replacing old, inefficient parking lot lighting with control driven LED lighting. The initial reduction in energy consumption was 63%. By using advanced controls, an additional 20% reduction was achieved. That is correct, the new lights use about 83% less energy! And the improvement in appearance is amazing. Take a look at the video below to see a night and day difference. Then contact us to do an assessment of your property!!

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